Motorcycle accidents in Texas are different: Here’s what you must know

Enjoying a motorcycle ride on the roads of Texas can be a happening experience. However, if you live in any of the biggest cities in this state, you probably know about the inherent risks of riding a two-wheeler. Motorcyclists often suffer the most severe and life-altering injuries in such mishaps. Texas reasons for motorcycle injuries include drunk driving, speeding, and negligence. In this post, we share more about how such accidents are different.

Your claim could be worth more

When riding a motorcycle, you are not protected from the weather and on-road risks as a car driver. Even a minor accident could have devastating consequences for motorcyclists. Immediately after a collision, you are likely to get ejected from the vehicle, which could mean a secondary impact and consequent injuries. In other words, the worth of such claims can be higher.

You still have to follow the deadline

Even if you were hurt in a motorcycle accident, you must keep a tab on the statute of limitations. According to the laws in Texas, you must file a direct civil lawsuit against the responsible party within two years. The clock starts from the date of your motorcycle accident, and if you don’t take action swiftly after the incident, you may lack evidence to prove liability.

Your motorcycle is a light vehicle

Compared to the weight and dimensions of a truck or passenger vehicle, a motorcycle is lighter and can endure severe damage. Even if you are not seriously hurt, you should file a claim for property damage alone. Repairs can cost thousands of dollars, and the settlement can help you tide through the bad times.

You might have a case against multiple parties

If two or more cars were involved in the same accident, you may not know how to proceed with your claim. You should get a motorcycle accident attorney who will evaluate the situation, investigate further, and establish who is liable for your losses. Without expertise, the legal aspects can be confusing, and motorcyclists often don’t know how to deal with insurance companies.

Call a lawyer now

Wondering whether you have a case? What is the worth of your losses? Can you recover both economic and non-economic damages? What should you do next? Should you talk to the insurance company representative? An experienced injury lawyer can answer these questions and help determine how to deal with your motorcycle accident claim.

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