Searching for an injury lawyer in Lake Oswego? Check these details

An unexpected slip & fall injury on someone’s premises in Lake Oswego or an on-road accident can leave you in a horrible state. Besides seeking medical care and paying the bills, you are likely to lose work time, which could mean wage losses. If another party’s negligence is the cause of these troubles, you must talk to a personal injury lawyer Lake Oswego, for advice. Before hiring an attorney, here are some details you shouldn’t miss.

  • Get an assessment before the next step: Injury law firms in Oregon don’t usually charge a fee for initial meetings. At the least, you should get the case evaluated for damages and the expected settlement. You can call the attorney’s office, discuss basic details with the staff, and get an appointment to discuss further.
  • Don’t believe in tall claims: Even when an injury lawyer is highly experienced and capable, they shouldn’t make a statement that’s too good to be true. Promises and guarantees don’t work in this field of law, and therefore, don’t trust someone who gives you an exact outcome in advance.
  • Look for expertise: Don’t merely hire any random attorney. Instead, look for someone who has experience in injury laws and understands the nuances of such cases. Check the lawyer’s work so far and whether they have handled similar lawsuits. You can also check online reviews.
  • Trial experience is necessary: You cannot work with an attorney who will leave the case when the matter goes to court. Although not common, personal injury cases can end up before a jury, and if that’s the need of your situation, your lawyer should have relevant experience.
  • You don’t have to pay an hourly rate: If you are in a deep financial crisis, don’t assume you cannot afford an attorney. Such injury law-related claims don’t require a flat fee or a retainer charge. Instead, when you win, you have to sacrifice a share of the settlement as the lawyer’s payment.
  • Listen to the attorney and be transparent: Lawyers often need to investigate accidents and mishaps in detail to find liable parties, and therefore, you need to be upfront and fair about everything you know. Also, ensure you listen to their advice because your compensation is just as relevant to them.

Finally, be careful about the added expenses of the case. You may have to pay for certain costs, which you should discuss. Many attorneys can help cover those aspects until you get money.

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