June 2023


What Do You Need To Know About Rockford Product Liability Cases?

Imagine you recently bought something that injured you because there was something wrong with the manufacturing of the product. In these cases, it is only fair that you get compensated for the injury. In simpler words, product liability cases are cases in which you hold the manufacturer and the people in the supply chain responsible for manufacturing and supplying a product that has a manufacturing defect. If you live in Rockford and are looking for a personal injury lawyer who has handled product liability cases, click here to get help. 

In case you are wondering about what are the kinds of manufacturing or product flaws, remember that these defects can be categorized into different groups and are mainly concerned with design defects, marketing defects, and manufacturing defects. 

What are manufacturing defects?

Suppose you recently bought an item and there was something wrong with the manufacturing or production of the item, it will be considered a manufacturing defect. When there are manufacturing defects, the products or items are not safe to be used. If the manufacturer knows of the defect and still sells it, they can be held liable for their actions if they lead to someone’s injuries. 

What are design defects?

If there is something wrong with the design of a product that makes it unsafe to be used, it will be considered a design defect. In order to prove that the design defect is unsafe, one has to provide evidence to establish that had the flaw not been there, it would have been safer to be used by people. Note that sometimes some items can be unsafe to be used overall, but in those cases, there are warnings. For instance, if someone buys a hammer, in general, we understand that it’s not very safe. So, if someone decides to file a claim, it won’t have much merit. 

What are marketing defects?

Marketing defects generally happen when a marketer or seller markets a product in a way that is misleading. If it’s found that there were no sufficient warnings of hazards, in order to mislead the customers, the seller or marketer can be held liable for any harm or damage that the customers sustain. It’s mandatory for marketers or sellers to be truthful about these things. 

Final thoughts:

Did you get injured because of a product defect in Rockford? You should seek the help of a personal injury Alpine lawyer immediately to get compensation

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