How Uber Car Accident Claims Are Handled? – Who Will Pay the Compensation? 

Due to the multi-layer insurance policies, Uber accident claims can be tricky. If you have been injured in an accident while availing of the cab, you are eligible to file for compensation. However, it is vital to understand the legal aspects of these claims. Hiring a las vegas injury lawyer can be more helpful than your expectations as he understands these laws according to the state. The status of Uber plays a significant role in who will be paying the compensation. Let’s discuss this in detail.

Establishing liability in Uber accidents

Determining liability in this case can be complex because the driver’s status has a great impact on the insurance. If the status of the cab driver shows online and he was using it for commercial purposes, the company will pay for the compensation.  Bodily injuries and property damages will be covered as per Uber’s insurance policy.

In case, the driver was offline and the accident happened, his personal insurance will be taken into account, given that it includes commercial coverage. In case, an accident occurs while waiting for a ride or passenger traveling from one place to another, Uber will offer third-party liability coverage. 

Considering negligence

Apart from the driver’s status, negligence is also considered like any other car accident. The driving skills of all drivers involved in the car accident will be taken into account such as distracted driving, disobeying traffic laws, drunken driving and other factors.  Photos, videos and CCTV footage can be used to clarify who was at fault at the time of the accident. Besides that, witness statements will be recorded to figure out the main cause of the accident. 

Hiring an attorney

Just grabbing the piece of information about Uber’s insurance policies will not be enough. It is never smooth sailing with the insurance company. You need to get in touch with an attorney, who has dealt with these cases in the past. In many cases, the driver’s policy does not carry commercial coverage. Hence, there may be a potential gap between the protections of the passenger. 

Throughout the case, gathering evidence, evaluating losses, establishing liability and speaking with different companies may drain you. That’s why, you must have an attorney on your side as soon as you are injured in an accident.  Since he has the knowledge and expertise, he will handle the matter and resolve it in your best interests. 

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