Why you need a criminal defense lawyer on your side?

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Facing criminal charges is an incredibly stressful and frightening experience. Even if you believe you are innocent, the legal system is complex and the consequences are high. Having an experienced criminal defense lawyer advising and representing you makes all the difference. Here is an overview of the varied ways to hire a criminal lawyer for your case and protect your rights.

 Criminal law inside out

Criminal law is full of intricacies and varies significantly between jurisdictions. Only seasoned criminal defense attorneys know how to navigate the system and build a solid legal defense. A competent criminal lawyer will have expertise in areas like:

  1. Local court procedures, rules of evidence, and sentencing guidelines
  2. Negotiating with prosecutors
  3. Working with the police and local criminal justice system
  4. Finding weaknesses in the prosecution’s case
  5. Mounting an effective defense focused on creating reasonable doubt
  6. Presenting persuasive arguments in hearings and at trial

Without legal expertise, you are at a major disadvantage. A criminal defense lawyer has the skill set to handle your case at every stage.

Often prevent charges

An attorney prevents charges from even being filed. If they convince the prosecutor your actions don’t raise to the level of a crime or that the evidence is lacking, this saves you from a prolonged legal ordeal. At a minimum, they may be able to negotiate with the prosecutor to get charges dropped or reduced. Their knowledge of the system gives them tools to intervene before charges ruin your life.

 Get you out of bail

A toronto defence lawyer attorney’s priority is usually getting you released on bail under the best terms. They know how to present arguments to the judge emphasizing factors in your favor and downplaying risks that deny your pretrial release. If the judge sets high bail, they may negotiate to get the amount lowered or have conditions modified to protect your rights. Promptly getting out on bail prevents you from spending months in jail awaiting trial.

 Get charges dismissed

There are various ways a criminal defense attorney gets charges tossed out pretrial so your case never reaches a conviction. For example, they may:

  1. Successfully argue an illegal search, improper Miranda warning, or other rights violation invalidates key evidence
  2. Prove you have an airtight alibi showing the physical impossibility of guilt
  3. Present irrefutable evidence of innocence like security camera footage
  4. Reveal misconduct or bias by the police or prosecutor’s office
  5. Show the statute of limitations has expired on the alleged crime
  6. Identify mitigating factors that justify dismissal in the interests of justice

Dismissal of all charges is often possible with an aggressive and competent defense.

Negotiate plea deals

If the evidence against you is very strong, your attorney may advise negotiating a plea bargain rather than risk conviction at trial. Plea deals provide sentencing concessions in return for a guilty plea. An experienced criminal lawyer negotiates to get charges dropped or reduced to lesser offenses to limit penalties. They understand what concessions the prosecutor is likely to offer and craft a deal that protects you from the worst outcomes.

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