About us

What makes different from other law firms?

There are many excellent attorneys and law firms in our community and choosing a lawyer is a difficult decision.  We believe what sets us apart from other firms is accepting and prevailing in difficult liability and damage cases for individuals and families that are in special need.


Similarly, in the criminal defense context, we believe an equally proactive effort is necessary to achieve justice for our clients who stand accused of a crime.


Our Pledge to all Clients

  • Communication
    We believe communicating with our clients in the number one key to success in all litigation. By continuously and effectively communicating with our clients, we come to understand his or her loss. Only then can we develop a strategic plan for a trial and compensation.
  • This emphasis on client communication applies equally in the criminal defense arena, as it does in the civil context.
  • Preparation
    Preparation is the number two key to our success in litigation. We pledge to use our best efforts to thoroughly prepare in every case in order to assist in our quest to achieve the best result we can on behalf of our clients.
  • Effort
    We believe effort and passion for the case is what makes the difference between a partial and full justice. We pledge to our clients to put in our best efforts in our quest for full justice.
  • Resilience
    We pledge to advocate zealously within the bounds of the law no matter how difficult or rough the litigation becomes and to bounce back from any problems or setbacks encountered along the way.
  • Pro bono Community Causes
    We pledge to give back to our community for the privilege to practice law. Every year, Mr. Obront has given back to the community by performing pro bono work on behalf of those unable to afford legal services. We have performed free legal services in a wide of variety of cases including parents who have been separated from their children; mothers who have been deported and separated from their families; and individuals (juveniles and adults) who have been accused of a crime and financially struggling individuals who have had large corporations attempt to garnish their meager earnings.
  • Our firm is dedicated to giving back and helping the less fortunate in our community.  We also assist and guide clients in the establishment of charitable foundations in the name of deceased loved ones in wrongful death actions in order for our clients to give back to the community as well.